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‘Neil guides us on a trip through life’s emotions and illustrates the gift of love available to each of us when we open and surrender in our worst fears and realise the gift therein. Read this and be inspired’ Brandon Bays, Bestselling Author of The Journey

‘A beautiful allegory for our times of the seasons of our lives, of re-empowerment, and what it really means to be alive. This is a story to share with those you love’ Jonathan Horwitz, Director of the Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies

This short allegorical novel sits within the spirit of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Khalil Gibran, Paulo Coelho, Marilynne Robinson and Richard Bach

On the surface it is the story of a boy growing into adulthood and through life, and his journeys into the desert and what he finds there. Beneath the surface the story expresses and resonates with the essential nature of the journey we all share – a journey that has no beginning and no end. A journey that is, in truth, not a journey at all

It is a book that is felt, a book of transformation and of opening into love. It is written with a simplicity, beauty and pace that takes you too into the vast mystery of the desert. While it is written primarily for adults it is also enjoyed by many younger people

The Flower in the Desert is successful in the UK, USA and in Italy, where as well as selling well to adults it was chosen as a sixth form school reader in the Belluno district in the north of the country

‘This book is astounding! I could not put it down, it is simply so pure and beautiful and heart opening!’ Cate Mackenzie, Workshop Leader, Inspirational Speaker

‘Beautifully enriching and glittering….soul awakening’ Jimena Page, President of the ABC Trust

‘Beautifully written direct from the heart of Neil del Strother. I read it on a flight from China to London and it was perfect, however I got a little emotional because the story touched me like no other book I’ve ever read’ Jennifer Jackson, Amazon 

Neil del Strother has worked as a journalist for 20 years and a Journey Practitioner for 17 years. He has a Masters in Journalism and a Dip Psych. He is also a podcast host and has experience of shamanism, including taking part in healing ceremonies with the Bushmen in Botswana. Including The Flower in the Desert he has written six novels to date:

The Girl with a Deer on a Lead

For My Child

Aurora Arising

My Death and Other Dreams of Life

The Movement of the Ocean

This Exploring Possibilities interview will give you some insight into my approach to writing and my understandings. The interview starts about three minutes in.

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Italian EditionThe Flower in the Desert is published in Italy by Overview Editore; translated by Luigina Malvestio. ISBN 978-88-904960-4-2