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‘This is a truly beautiful story full of deeper meanings and through the twists and turns love starts to unwind and reveal itself…such a compelling read I ended up reading late into the night, unable to put it down. It would make a fantastic film or TV series’ A Edwards, Amazon

‘Neil del Strother is a master painter of majestic, mystical tales….he writes in language of liquid colour, fragrance, taste, and from a place of openness, sensitive exposure and personal vulnerability. The Girl with a Deer on a Lead is heartbreakingly, gut wrenchingly, unputdownably beautiful’ Naraya Naserian, Director of YouthShift Africa

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A healing fable for adults and older teenagers, with echoes of the work of Antoine de St Exupery, Richard Bach, Paulo Coelho and Philip Pullman

This is a book of beauty and healing, of enchantment and love. It is the life-affirming story of Finn, who has given up on life, who barely eats, and his journeys into another world. There he meets his fate, to save the world and lose what he loves most or to destroy it and keep his love. It is his choice and our choice, a choice that may just change your life.

‘I’m a total sucker for quest stories and this one has an intriguing mix of metaphysics and gritty reality. It has enough mystery and suspense to keep you turning the pages, and won me over by including the powerful subjects of alchemy, the Hero’s Journey, the Divine Masculine/ Feminine wound, psychology – and generally what it means to heal the self and in so doing, heal the world (nothing minor then). Powerful and immensely readable’ DH, Amazon

‘An absolute delight! The story lingered in my mind long after I had had to put the book down and the descriptions wove a special magic in my imagination which I enjoyed immensely. The story gripped me on every page, never predictable.A sheer delight and so beautifully written. What a pleasure’ Anne Fuller, Amazon

Neil has worked as a journalist for twenty years and a Journey Practitioner for seventeen. He has a Masters degree in Journalism and a Dip Psych. He is also a podcast host and has experience of shamanism, including taking part in healing ceremonies with the Bushmen in Botswana. He has written seven novels to date. For more information and to buy these books please click on the titles below:

The Girl with a Deer on a Lead

The Flower in the Desert

The Flower in the Desert is also available in French, Italian and German

For My Child

Aurora Arising

My Death and Other Dreams of Life

The Movement of the Ocean

The Land that Heals

The Splendidly Illuminating Lament of the Last Icebird

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